Donnelly Pushes End Outsourcing Amendment on Senate Floor

Senator offering amendment to national defense bill that would take outsourcing into account for federal defense contracts

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly spoke today on the Senate floor as part of his effort to secure a vote on his End Outsourcing Act, a portion of which he has introduced as an amendment to the national defense bill that the Senate is currently considering. The Donnelly amendment would require companies bidding for federal defense contracts to disclose the outsourcing of American jobs and allow contracting officers to take into consideration a company’s outsourcing practices when awarding federal contracts.


To see Donnelly’s speech in the Senate today, click the image above or click HERE.

Donnelly said in his speech, in part, “I have always fought to protect American workers and ensure we have federal policies that benefit our workers in Indiana and across the country. In my home state of Indiana our workers are being hit particularly hard by jobs being lost and shipped out of America.

“These are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives; our friends; our neighbors; folks we go to church with. Men and women who get up in the dark and go home in the dark, working hard every single day to take care of their families. To give everything they have to try to make their company a success.

“That is why earlier this year I introduced the End Outsourcing Act…I’ve spoken with President Trump several times about my proposal, even as recently as last night, and he has been very supportive…Our tax dollars should go to companies that invest in and support American workers.”

The amendment is consistent with Donnelly's End Outsourcing Act which would, in part, support companies investing in American workers and penalize corporations that outsource domestic jobs and factories by taking that into consideration when awarding federal defense contracts. Nine different companies across Indiana have or are scheduled to outsource 2,200 Hoosier jobs. In July, Carrier laid off 300 workers and plans to lay off hundreds more workers days before Christmas.

Since introducing the End Outsourcing Act in January, Donnelly has discussed the legislation with President Trump, who was supportive of the effort, with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and with Federal Reserve Chair Yellen.