Donnelly Meets with Members of the Agribusiness Council of Indiana

Discussion focused on farm bill and how the Administration’s uncertain trade policies are harming farmers and Indiana’s ag community

Washington, D.C. –U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly met with members of the Agribusiness Council of Indiana to discuss the Farm Bill and to hear their concerns about the volatile, chaotic trade markets. The Senate-passed Farm Bill includes a number of Donnelly-written-and –supported provisions that would support Hoosier farmers, families, and rural communities.

Donnelly, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said, “It is always valuable to hear from members of our agriculture community, and I look forward to our continued work toward getting this Farm Bill across the finish line and signed into law, which is vital to providing certainty and stability to our farmers. As Indiana ag groups feel the impact of the Administration’s uncertain trade policies, it is especially critical we finish work on the farm bill. I will continue to advocate for policies that benefit our Hoosier farmers and ag community.”

Agribusiness Council of Indiana said, “Senator Donnelly is a friend to Indiana agriculture and agribusiness. ACI appreciates his work in the Farm Bill to promote increased usage of cover crops to improve soil health. The Senator also understands how important broadband access is to the rural economy."

In recent weeks, Donnelly has been hearing consistently from farmers and agriculture groups about uncertainty in export markets and falling commodity prices. Donnelly relayed those concerns to President Trump at the White House in late June and has highlighted the importance of creating a level playing field for manufacturers, steel producers, and farmers to continue selling quality products all over the world.

Last week, at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Donnelly asked Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell about the impact that uncertainty caused by the Administration’s trade policy is having on farmers and rural communities.

The Senate-passed Farm Bill includes several Donnelly-led provisions that would support Hoosier farmers, families, and rural communities; improve risk management, conservation, and export promotion programs; and help address the opioid epidemic and food insecurity. The Farm Bill also includes a measure that would increase export opportunities for Indiana farmers through two export promotion programs, the Foreign Market Development Program and the Market Assistance Program. This builds on Donnelly’s bipartisan legislation with Senators Joni Ernst (R-IA), Angus King (I-ME), and Susan Collins (R-ME).