Indiana has been blessed with beautiful and abundant natural resources. From Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes to the Wabash River; from Hoosier National Forest to the caves and limestone quarries of Southern Indiana, in addition to the vast acres of fertile farm land, these resources enhance our communities, drive our economy, and remind us of our fundamental responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.

Helicopter Asian Carp

Joe thinks that our national policies must balance our responsibility to the environment and our need for a healthy economy. Pushing for greater energy independence and increased oil, natural gas, and coal production can be coupled with efforts to maintain clean air and water and increase renewable energy sources.  

Further, Joe is working with other Great Lakes Senators on the pressing threat of Asian carp to Lake Michigan’s ecosystem.  He thinks there is a way to protect both the Great Lakes and the important shipping economy in northwest Indiana by building consensus on short- and medium-term solutions while stakeholders determine a long-term fix.

Our government has an important role to play in protecting America’s environmental treasures.  Joe will continue working to ensure that our national policies reflect the stewardship necessary to ensure a healthy environment both today and tomorrow