Budget & Taxes

One of the greatest threats facing our nation is continued deficit spending and mounting debt. Joe thinks that our government must fulfill its obligations both at home and abroad, but can do so while working toward a balanced budget. He does not think that future generations should be burdened with debt because Congress is unwilling and unable to make difficult choices.

Hoosiers are known for being prudent and budget-conscious, and Joe knows that any plan put forward will require belt-tightening and tough choices. Just as Hoosier families must make difficult decisions about how to manage their budgets, Congress must make tough choices about where to invest and where to cut. Joe understands that we must cut spending, but that we must provide a thoughtful, balanced, and responsible approach to our debt.

Joe thinks we need members of both parties to work together to find ways to reduce spending, close unnecessary tax loopholes, and balance the budget. He thinks that any serious plan to address our national debt will require input and compromise from members on both sides of the aisle.

Further, Joe thinks Hoosiers deserve a tax code that is fair, efficient, and encourages businesses to invest here at home. He believes that tax reform should reflect our most basic priorities—building a strong middle class; encouraging businesses to invest, innovate, and create jobs; and fostering an environment that allows American companies to compete in the global economy. Joe intends to work with members on both sides of the aisle to develop a tax code that is fair and encourages economic growth.