Joe's Legislation

Joe's Legislation »

Read about legislation Joe introduced or supports, including his priorities on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Agriculture.

Joe's Opportunity Agenda

Joe's Opportunity Agenda »

In Joe’s maiden speech, he outlined an “Opportunity Agenda” to create more jobs and strengthen Indiana’s economy.


Agriculture »

Agriculture is vitally important both to Indiana and the United States, and Indiana in particular is blessed with an abundance of farmland.

Budget & Taxes

Budget & Taxes »

One of the greatest threat facing our nation is continued deficit spending and mounting debt.


Education »

As a former school board president and a proud father of two, Joe has a deep appreciation for educators and the professionals who help to educate and prepare our children for bright futures.


Energy »

Joe strongly believes that we need to adopt an all-in approach to our nation’s energy policy, not only for lower fuel prices, but for our national security as well.


Environment »

Indiana has been blessed with beautiful and abundant natural resources.


Healthcare »

Access to affordable, quality health care is an important issue affecting Hoosiers every day, and Joe continues to listen to Hoosiers in order to better understand how to address this complex issue.

Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy »

Without question, the economic recession hit Indiana hard, with some counties seeing unemployment rise above 20% and thousands of Hoosiers became unemployed or underemployed.

Military and Military Families

Military and Military Families »

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Joe has the privilege of working on the issues that directly affect the national security of our nation, our military and their families.


Veterans »

Joe is committed to honoring our nation’s veterans and improving the transition and health resources provided to veterans.


Seniors »

Joe is honored to serve on the Senate Aging Committee, which has the unique opportunity to oversee and study issues related to America’s seniors: Social Security, Medicare, pension coverage, retirement planning, and consumer protection.

Outdoor Recreation & Sportsmen

Outdoor Recreation & Sportsmen »

Enjoying the outdoors is part of our Hoosier heritage. Recreational activities are also an important economic driver in our state, supporting Hoosier jobs and strengthening our communities.

Senate Schedule

Senate Schedule »

See what the United States Senate is discussing today, this week, and the schedule for future weeks.