Help from Joe



Joe is here to help in any way possible. Joe’s office can assist you when you are having problems with your Social Security, Medicare, veterans' benefits, or other federal benefits. We can assist you in applying for grants for your small business or determine your eligibility for federal student aid to go to college.

visiting DC

Visiting D.C.

Joe’s office is happy to assist Hoosiers who are visiting our nation’s capital, and all Hoosiers are encouraged to visit Joe's office (720 Hart Senate Office Building). Joe’s office can provide information on requesting tours at various locations in Washington D.C.

vet resources

Military, Veterans, and Military Families' Resources

If you are currently serving our nation, are a veteran, or are a family member of a servicemember or veteran and need military records, have problems with disability compensation, or are experiencing difficulty with the Department of Defense or Department of Veterans Affairs, Joe's office may be able to help you. 



Joe is committed to helping Hoosiers understand the federal grant process and locate federal grant dollars. This section contains important information to help you find the programs and resources that might benefit your organization. Throughout the state of Indiana, businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities have benefitted from federal grants.


Senior Resources

As a member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, Joe is dedicated to helping Hoosier seniors. Joe's staff can help you get answers about Social Security benefits and Medicare. Additionally, click here for resources on how Hoosiers can protect themselves from consumer fraud and scams. 

student resources

Student Resources

Learn more about how Joe’s office can help you apply for one of our service academies, internships with Senator Donnelly’s office, or the U.S. Senate Page Program.



The Wayne Townsend and Frank J. Anderson Legislative Programs

Learn about the Wayne Townsend and Frank J. Anderson Legislative Programs, which are designed to provide individuals interested in public service with the opportunity to serve in Joe’s Washington, D.C. office and work with his legislative staff.

flag request

Flag Requests

Joe’s office offers Hoosiers the opportunity to purchase American flags that have been flown over the Capitol in honor of special occasions, such as birthdays, retirements, or anniversaries. Additionally, Hoosiers can purchase American flags that have not been flown over the Capitol.

joe read

LOC Book Program

Our office is happy to help Hoosier teachers and librarians build their libraries. The Library of Congress has available at all times, for donation to eligible organizations and institutions, surplus books which are not needed for the Library's own uses.